About LIDE


LIDE is a private organisation that connects business leaders to help strengthen free trade and stimulate economic and social development. It first began in 2003 in Brazil and it is now based in more than 17 countries and 6 continents.

LIDE’s focus is on senior executives from national and international companies. It promotes the connection of corporations through programs and forums, and supports initiatives dedicated to sustainability, education and social responsibility. It is guided by ethical principles and corporate management practices from the public and private sectors.

LIDE Australia will initially focus on important areas of strength for Australia including the tourism, international education, technology, logistics, infrastructure, sustainability, agribusiness, mining and retail sectors.

In order to become a member of LIDE and have access to all opportunities, organisations must meet certain revenue and leadership requirements and pay an annual membership fee.

Carlos Ferri, founder and CEO of Zapala Corp, a parent company comprised of Zapala People, an on-demand recruitment service focused on logistics, World Study, an international study program agency, and Zapala Go, a software platform for the logistics industry is a passionate leader and strategist.

Carlos Ferri
CEO LIDE Australia