Earlier this week, more than 3000 Victorian residents were forced into lockdown for what they thought would be just five days. Now, the state of Victoria will be back in lockdown for at least the next 6 weeks.
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Jeff Downs, Redback Connect's CEO, started as an entrepreneur because, in his own words, he just couldn't stand being told what to do. From owning a small chain of grocery stores to working with sales and becoming an entrepreneur, he learned fairly quickly that business is more about the experience than the product itself.
After recording many new cases of the coronavirus within Victoria and New South Wales this week, Australia has reached over the 8000 positive case threshold.
After a large spike in cases over the weekend, Victoria has gone back to certain restrictions for fear of a 2nd wave of Covid-19 within the state. Residents have now been urged to avoid 6 major local government areas outside of Melbourne, as the numbers there are considered to be virus hotspots. Still, Deputy Chief