LIDE, as a global institution, has been closely monitoring the Covid-19 situation and talking to businesses all around the world to understand how each company, sector and country is facing this situation.

Australia’s New Media Giant

In 2017 the Federal Government published the new changes of media ownership laws. This update included the dismissal of relevant provisions, such as the “75% audience reach”, the “two-from-three” rule and the replace of license fees for a “spectrum fee”, which opened the doors for communication companies. At the time, the bank Morgan Stanley released

Agritecture: Vertical Farming

The world has been developing quicker than ever and this also reflects on the population growth. By 2030, it is expected a growth of 16%, which means there will be approximately 8,5 billion people living worldwide! This means that there will be an increase of need for more resources, residences and, obviously, food! Technology has

Online or On-site?

Do you know what are brick and mortar stores? If you answered “no”, I will tell you something: You probably do. You are just not familiar with the unusual name. Brick and mortar stores are nothing more than the traditional concept of a retail store, a grocery store or a  bank. It is any store