This week, there has been much confusion about schools going back to their normal routine. Particularly in New South Wales, schools are projected to welcome ALL students and staff back to face to face instruction. With this, parents, and especially teachers, are concerned that these actions conflict with the state’s current restrictions to only allow
This past weekend, Australia tested the waters of uplifting a few of the COVID-19 laws and regulations. As people were allowed more visitors and even more leeway in public spaces, there were some minor setbacks that have state and territory premiers on high alert. While New South Wales unfortunately lost another patient to the coronavirus
Over the weekend, Australia celebrated Mother’s Day in the traditional COVID 19 style, from a distance. Fortunately, however, as 2 adults were still allowed to visit a home, some mothers were greeted by their loved ones for the first time in many weeks. We hope that you all had a chance to enjoy that time.
As the nation nears 7,000 total cases, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has applauded citizens for following guidelines and keeping the number of coronavirus cases to only .18% of the world population. However, he has also urged the public that there is a different curve to address: that there are more than 1 million Australians that