Circular Economy

It is not news that the world have limited resources and that the global and developed economy we are living in today has been exhausting resources like metal, gas and oil to keep the production of goods and services moving. With the lack of natural sources to turn to, men have been pushed to innovate

Flying Faster & Faster!

We all know that the process of taking a flight can be exhausting and time consuming. Dispatching luggages, waiting for departure, distance limitation for direct flights and long flights are some examples of what makes the experience more challenging than it could be. Trying to keep up with the trend of a fast paced environment
The impacts of disruptive technology on people, business and IT are well known by end users. But how are companies preparing for those impacts on a corporate frame? In most businesses, technology is a source of competitive advantage, strategic technology and effective operating models. The concept of sharing economy has gained popularity among consumers and

Blockchain Technology

Introduced in 2008, the blockchain technology was introduced to the world as part of a proposal for bitcoin. The technology is used to manage virtual currencies, keeping records of contracts and transactions in a verifiable and permanent way. All the information registered in a blockchain is transparent and protected at a database and cannot be