On 21 June 2018 happened the first Agribusiness Forum in Sydney and we were honoured with the presence of the keynote speaker Mr. Marcos Jank (CEO Asia-Brazil Agro Alliance), moderator Mr. Grame Barty (Grame and Associates) and panelist Mr. Tony Eyres (Executive Director Rounding-Up).  LIDE Australia’s first participation at an event in Australia with the
The NSW Government will invest $ 6 billion over the next 4 years on 170 new and upgraded schools, 20 of them starting this year. This investment is the largest ever made by any Government state in history! The investment seeks to provide the NSW students with first-class education facilities and will have a positive
The Australia’s Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) with the North Asian countries play an important role on the ongoing prosperity of the Australian businesses. According to PWC, almost 80% of Australian importers use the FTAs to source product offshore, 80% use the FTAs for exports and 86%, for Australia’s imports. Additionally to the FTAs to support
The Australia’s first ever agribusiness clustering initiative has just been founded. Food Innovation Australia Limited’s (FIAL) Cluster Programme encourages businesses, researchers and educational institutions to work together to build on their competitive advantage, and develop solutions to challenges. The programme will drive collaboration between Australia’s industry, science and research sectors. This will help solve problems