Australia’s coronavirus case numbers continue to decrease. With showing single digit cases in New South Wales and Queensland, Victoria has also recorded less than 200 cases and that number continues to drop.
This weekend, as the coronavirus daily case numbers begin to diminish, Australia is now preparing for a large influx of international expats who are being forced to return home after a recent change in Indonesia’s visa conditions.
Thermal sensors have many applications, from security and transport to fire safety. However, they have always been perceived as an expensive technology and, as a consequence, something out of the realm of consumer level devices. In this episode of our 'Leaders of Tomorrow' web series, we had a chat with Matt Horgan, Business Development Manager at Calumino, who shared with us how they are working hard to change the way these devices are manufactured so production cost can decrease and final cost of device can be more accessible.
This weekend, the reported number of coronavirus cases around the nation seemed to decrease, while Australia passed the 300 deaths mark from COVID 19.