As the nation nears 7,000 total cases, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has applauded citizens for following guidelines and keeping the number of coronavirus cases to only .18% of the world population. However, he has also urged the public that there is a different curve to address: that there are more than 1 million Australians that
In a worldwide effort to combat the effects of the coronavirus, Australia has pledged $352 million to a European Union led vaccine research fund. To the surprise of the public, Prime Minister Scott Minister managed to fundraise this monetary support overnight from leaders all around the world. The project is meant to support the CSIRO,
This past week, as the coronavirus restrictions started to cautiously ease off in most of the states around the nation, officials began to weigh in on the investigation surrounding WHERE and HOW the coronavirus COVID 19 began. In a press conference this Sunday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that there is “enormous evidence”
In an exclusive interview with ABC Australia, the director of the Department of Defense said “We knew this was coming, and we knew that various things needed to be done.”  Cheryl Durrant, who left the department just this January, is acting as a whistle blower for the nation. She says that her team met in